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My Scented Garden

Main Street

Main Street

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Step into the heart of a sun-kissed orchard on a crisp fall morning with our Main Street candle. This exquisite candle captures the essence of autumn's transition with a refreshing blend of fragrances that evoke the vibrant energy of the season.

Notes of: persimmon, citron & eucalyptus 

Light up our Main Street and be transported to the serenity of a fall orchard, where the vibrant persimmons, invigorating citron, and soothing eucalyptus meld together in perfect harmony. This candle encapsulates the dynamic and refreshing spirit of autumn, making every moment a celebration of the season. Let the fragrant notes dance through your space, filling it with the essence of a crisp fall morning and the promise of a beautiful day ahead. Embrace the magic of autumn with every flicker and fragrant swirl.
available in:
4oz travel tin
7oz vintage posh
7oz reed diffuser
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